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Scorpio Ascendant Vedic Astrology

But we are committed to provide as possible as accurate calculations and interpretations of planetary positions in birth chart. Plan your day with our highly accurate astrology program that calculates your daily predictions Instantly.

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If you are curious to know which planet is transiting in which sign, visit this page and enjoy planetary movement. Marriage is on your mind? Let an expert Vedic astrologer analyze your horoscope to predict what is in store for you. Worried about your career? Want to know when you are likely to get an opportunity that match your stature? The Scorpio ascendant born people have generally very strong will. They are independent thinkers and have views of their own in different aspects of life. They are very enthusiastic, reserved, mystical and obstinate, are often unpredictable, fickle-minded and are likely to change their mind, all of a sudden in matters of loyalty.

If their ascendant is afflicted or influenced by malefic planets, the people who are in touch with such Scorpio born persons may not have a clue to what their real personality is like. On the contrary, if the ascendant has the aspect of favorable planets, like Moon, Jupiter or Venus or these planets are in exaltation or occupying their own houses, the Scorpio ascendant born people will be sincere and decent in personality.

They will be sensible, honest, simple, gentle, supportive, caretaking, very loyal to the people and quite indifferent to money matters.

One can easily find there is an extreme in both the cases and their personalities are totally different. They are good correspondents and have no hesitation in making friendship with the people. Scorpio born natives are proficient in business management fine arts, music, and dance, they can be expert musicians, artists, dancers, writers, intellectuals, philosophers and businessmen. These people are very talkative, good conversationalists, intelligent and often proud of their own intelligence. Suitable careers for Jyeshtha sign born natives are leaders, detectives, Naval officer, athletes or sportsmen, forest officers, military or police officers, administrative or top government officers, telecom professionals, medical professionals.

If the planetary combinations in the astrological charts are good and favorable, they will enjoy a very happy married life. In general, a person born in Scorpio ascendant will be married with a partner having a handsome personality and will be lucky regarding her husband or his wife. Favorable planets: Jupiter and Moon. Sagittarius astrology: The ruling planet of Sagittarius ascendant is Jupiter and persons born under this sign are generally sensible and of caring nature.

The natives are notably tall with dark brown hair and attractive eyes. They are inclined towards gaining excessive weight if the ascendant is afflicted or occupies a combination of malefic planets. They are often very religious and uphold conservative views and have sociable manners. But sometimes the way they talk, it appears as if they are businesslike persons. The Sagittarius ascendant persons are brilliant, honest, humble, enthusiastic, trustworthy, religious and god-fearing.

They can exercise full control over food and drinks but are often misunderstood by others, unintentionally as they are not very careful while they talk. The persons born in Sagittarius ascendant are fond of acquiring knowledge in the disciplines of science, engineering or business management and they may excel in the same careers. The natives may be corporate officers, good businessmen or successful politicians. They enjoy traveling and exploration as their minds are constantly open to new dimensions of thoughts and they will be successful in these fields also.

Sagittarius ascendant born persons are good caretakers of their parents and children. Mostly their married life is happy and peaceful, provided seventh house or its lord Mercury is not afflicted by malefic planets in their astrological charts.

Favorable planets: Jupiter, Sun. Capricorn astrology: People born under Capricorn ascendant are tall, slender, youthful and have attractive personality with prominent black and brown hair and thick eyebrows. They are often not fair in complexion if the ascendant has the aspect of Saturn or Saturn is posited in ascendant itself. Capricorn ascendant born persons are God-fearing, noble, gentle, very just, sincere, thoughtful, liberal and very strong-minded people.

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They are modest and have gentleman behavior as far as a business transaction is concerned. The fields in which they may excel are education, science, computer science, philosophy, literature and air force. They are often good politicians. They take every task seriously and are highly ambitious and determined. Capricorn born natives are sympathetic, supportive, generous and are full of spirit as far as their temperament is concerned. Their married life will be happy and peaceful, generally, if the seventh house is not afflicted.

If the 9th lord Mercury is posited in a favorable house or forming a good combination yoga in the astrological birth chart, the progress will be very rapid.

Ascendant Characteristics

Favorable planets: Saturn, Venus or strong and well posited Mercury. Aquarius astrology: Persons born under Aquarius ascendant are very tall, slim, attractive, have an athletic physique with thick and black hair and possess a pleasing personality and graceful appearance. Natives born in Aquarius sign are self-controlled, God-fearing, intuitive, brilliant, intellectual and kindhearted. They are quick-witted and can judge characters very well.

They are very intelligent and are often proud of their own intelligence. Some of them may feel they are always right. Often it is very difficult to understand them. Aquarius ascendant born persons are social and have a very friendly nature but are very choosy in making friends at the same time.


They are generous and possess sympathetic and helping nature, always love to support people in need. The person born under Aquarius ascendant will excel in medicine, pharmacy, finance, banking, engineering, teaching, administration, and philosophy. As they are fond of art and even prove to be very good artists. They may become doctors, executives, politicians, industrialists, and leaders of the weaker society. If the ascendant is afflicted, the Aquarius born persons are not contented with their possessions and often they get irritated because of this.

On the other hand, the Aquarius ascendant born persons are very caring, lucky in all aspects and they get whatever they want in their materialistic life. They live happy, prosperous and contented lives. Favorable planets: Saturn, Venus. There are chances of getting wealth from different sources through profession, property, and business. Pisces astrology: Persons born under Pisces ascendant are tall, slim, very fair, have a beautiful face, expressive eyes, and shiny hair. They have a pleasant and adaptive personality. Pisces ascendant born natives are intelligent, enthusiastic, sensitive, active and very creative.

They are independent thinkers and are reserved in nature, feel that others should respect their opinion. People born under Pisces ascendant, are helpful, generous and spend money freely but they are extremely careful in spending on the right things only. They are affluent, well to do and lead a very happy and prosperous life. If the Pisces ascendant born persons have some good combinations of planets in their astrological charts, the natives will be blessed with good and amiable life partners and enjoy a contented married life.

If the seventh house of Pisces ascendant born persons is posited or afflicted by malefic planets, there might be a slight disturbance in their married life. The persons born in Pisces ascendant have strong love, care, and affection for their spouse and children. They have great respect and care for elders and are kind to those, in need.

Favorable planets: Jupiter, Mars. Akshaya Tritiya. Panch Mahapurusha Yoga. Guru Chandal Yoga and Remedies. Neecha Bhanga Raj Yoga. Hence the Ruler of the Libra sign becomes the Lord of the Ascendant. In the Above Example. Taurus and Libra so for all the. This covers the 4 Pairs i. Once we know the Lords of the Axis next thing we have to do is to look for the Lords placement and their co relation with each Other along with the dignity and the houses they occupy.

Lets overstand this through following example. Mars and Venus in the Horoscope are not Placed in the Dushtana house 6 8 and 12 th house or not 6 ,8 or 12 houses away from each other..

Results of birth in Various Lagnas

Venus is the Karaka for Marriage. Important Houses to Look for Timing of Marriage. So this is the Family of your Spouse. So this is the House of your In-Laws. And Has to be considered while calculating the Timing of Marriage.