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The audacity of Gemini frees a little the shy Rabbit but it becomes however more nervous and unstable. This native should learn to accomplish one thing at a time. This subject knows how to use his keen sense of psychology to find solutions to his problems. His intellectual shrewdness is truly amazing and may allow him to be successful in a lot of fields. So much Yin energy brought together would benefitl from being revitalized by more tonic aspects. This type of Rabbit is not the type to adventure itself outside its hole being afraid to be devoured raw.

The sensibility of this native is very deep and developed. He communicates with the invisible forces and his interior looks like the witches' den. The Rabbit takes advantage of the royal status of Leo. This native will be respected naturally thanks to his charisma and to his sense of psychology. Ambition is very developed. He is capable of moderating his conquest appetites due to a long term view of situations. A winning pair! This native is a true precious stone, pure and refined.

His sense of altruism is fascinating, his determination is unchangeable. He has a very efficient sense of organization and the purity of his intentions is unassailable. This subject should be aware that the world is not filled with people like himself. This native's manners are delicate and studied.

Diplomacy for him is an ethic and behind his little frail appearance hides a prodigious inner strength that analyses each one of your attitudes to find your weak points. This subject is unpredictable and never reveals his game. He's also an aesthete. Behind his soft appearance hides a magician with secret powers beyond suspicion. This person has the determination to go through all kind of situations but will need a huge amount of time to overcome his emotional instability. However he's resourceful and persistent to the extreme.

Here is once again our charming colleague after an exorcist session. Fresh and new. The optimism of Sagittarius does a lot of good to the anxious Rabbit. This native can say that he was born under a lucky star. The combination is beneficial and balances out. He should always be able to move ahead. A monument of conservation and austerity. This native is cold and strict and still goes by the rules of the last century. Disdainful and full of himself, he prefers to isolate himself in an ivory tower to forget all the people and things that surround him, especially if he has encountered failure.

He prefers the world of ideas than the real world and family is not at all a priority, he is too busy designing the last prototype of an orbital station. He's most of the time full of energy that he invests in new projects and ideas. This subject is a little puzzling. He's a dreamer, a poet, an artist with an exacerbated sensibility. He looks for love, the beautiful and the absolute.

He is a little lost in the real world. He needs a shoulder that he can lean on and all the comfort he needs to spring from his creative soul the life elixir. Failure and obstacles do not mean anything for this native. It only stimulates his driving will and his need to launch challenges. His motto is to move ahead no matter the price to pay. A lot of magnetism and vitality come out from within him. The calming influence of Earth is very beneficial for the Dragon who makes Taurus take advantage of its proverbial luck.

A career in the Arts could be seen crowned with success. This native will certainly look for the calming influence of the Nature in which he finds inspiration. The Air of Gemini predicts an uncertain future for this native. Many successful beginnings might turn up into failures. Perhaps he should make the most of his unusual aura to become a star but in any case he should learn to moderate his excessive enthusiasm.

He should make endeavours to learn to channel his own energy or Qi. To whom who would be interested to share the turbulent life of the Dragon, it would be advised for those persons to choose a native of this type. More balanced and cautious than other persons of the Dragon year, he targets his goals by considering all aspects.

Family has a meaning for him. This native is surely dreaming to rule the world and he has great chances to succeed. However an excess of self confidence is to be feared in this supernatural combination. He should learn to come down to earth. The combination of earth and mineral creates a subject in which the ability of concentration will allow him to lead great tasks requiring a lot of energy and rigour.

The success of this pair will shine. The Art to seduce the crowd and to capture the attention of others is natural for this native. His gifts as an orator could make him become one of the barons of the international diplomacy. The Arts in general should interest him. Women of this type are greatly appreciated. It's not easy to be in contact with a person of this kind. Nobody matches his demands, possessiveness and his need to go till the end. His medium gifts allows him to enter dimensions that one cannot even suspect. Definitely a great warrior, an enchanting lover and a potential genius.

This native has a great energy but too much self-confidence is never a quality. He's full of optimism, of faith in situations. He is full of idealism that turns out often into empty projects. A belt of lead should allow him to have his feet on solid ground. Of all the signs of the Western zodiac, Capricorn is the one that least matches the Dragon who cannot stand the taciturn and conservative nature of the latter.

This native should forget about being under the spotlights even if it will cause him frustration. This native is a visionary of his time. His intuition as far as the future is concerned is amazing. Do not hesitate to seek his advices. He's completely detached from the ordinary world. His mind travels in far away galaxies. Do not count on him for daily vague desires. All the sensibility of Pisces will bloom under the influence of the Dragon. Arts will be a passion for this native. His sentimentality is huge and can have consequences on his goals as he answers to the call of passion.

He should be surrounded by trustworthy people. The snakes are slow, philosophical and voluptuous. Aries throw themselves into action then think after. This duality constitutes a particular aspect of this native's personality. He is often attracted by esoteric considerations, the medicine or Arts of movement. Sensual and an extreme artist, this native can stay for a long time inactive before passing into action.

One should take notice of a certain weight in his personality. This subject likes to plan his life ahead of time and he can ruminate his anger for an eternity before striking. Gemini takes off in every direction at the same time while the Snake watches carefully before taking its jump. It's a complementary union which promises great diversity of talents for this native. He should be attracted by Arts or Sciences connected with Energy. Revengeful, this Snake can eliminate you by choking you with its super powerful rings without you having the time to notice anything.

This native has an innate taste for luxury and a magnificent sense of aesthetics, his house may look like the Taj Mahal. What a strange creature it is! Behind a calm appearance hides a wild animal which feels like a prisoner of this alliance; a genuine personal suffering is to be feared for this native. He will have to learn to conciliate and to balance out these two aspects of his personality. These two signs have many points in common. They both are methodical, discrete and altruistic. This native would want to definitely take into his head to organize the life of others even if it gets on their nerves.

Don't bear a grudge against him, it's in his nature. He needs people to lift up his spirit. This subject is looking for beauty. The Snake and Libra have an imperious need of beauty to give a sense to their existence. This native however needs to be focused by his surrounding in order to avoid unending peregrinations. Design and all that is connected to it should fascinate him. This combination is extremely difficult to live with especially for the native himself. The risks of self destruction are enormous. The subject is racked from the interior with uncontrollable heartbreaks.

He must at any rate learn to channel and also to sublimate his sensitivity in the artistic creation. This combination is positive because Sagittarius gives a more precise direction to the indecisive Snake. The Snake however calms down the enthusiasm of Sagittarius. The sportive activities requiring explosion and suppleness should be appreciated by this native.

This native is fighting rocks who never give up the fight. He definitely will choose the longest itinerary which no one would even have considered. But he will go till the end. A meanness is to be feared because this native is looking to impose his vision of the world toward others. A tendency to mental instability is perhaps to be feared. This native should practice regularly a physical activity in order to preserve a psychic balance. Science is indicated for his analytical spirit. This native will need a solid education to choose a precise itinerary before reaching thirty.

This combination creates a subject that lacks stable supports to be able to hoist itself on firm ground and to come out from the depths of the original waters of the creation of the world in which he belongs to. Here is a double sign of fire. No element can chill the impetuous character of this native.

The angers will be frequent and explosive. This subject needs to exteriorize his energy to find a clear vision of what surrounds him. He's athletic and has a lot of endurance. This native thanks to the earthly influence of Taurus loses the natural selfish part of the Horse. He will be more bearable than other persons born in the year of the Horse and is more manual than intellectual.

He will reach his goals. It's a creature with a thousand fascinating facets due to his ingenuity and maybe his genius. Cinema, theatre, music, Arts and politics will attract the expansive nature of this native. He needs to be stimulated by success to concentrate longer his attention on one direction.

The temper of the spirited Horse is softened. This native is more sensitive, affectionate, and introverted than other persons born in the year of the Horse. He nourishes from ambitions. When he aims at a goal, the word impossible does not exist in his vocabulary. One advice : don't betray him! This native expresses the energy yang to its peak.

Sharing his life is a true challenge.

Virgo Ox Woman

Think twice before committing yourself. The driving of his life is the professional success. Everything else is secondary. It might be that his excessive ambition blinds him obviously. The mineral water of Virgo does a lot of good to the Horse. It transforms its agitation to solidity.

They are honest and hard working labourers who will stay on the roads marked out to reach their targets. This native is very attractive and possesses a big sexual appetite. He appreciates situations where he can handle responsibilities in which he can use his ability of judgement and to stand as an orator. His plastic and aesthetic sense is highly developed. The field of Arts would be productive for him.

A dreadful combination with very little flaws in the armour. Whatever the strategy used, this native will knock down his opponents. He is less naive than his fellow creatures and a lot less virtuous. He needs a big dosage of sensuality, money and power. The Sagittarius has the body of a horse. This pair will certainly give birth to an inborn athlete addicted to all kind of sports. By nature this native is an idealist, having the sense of the mission, he should head towards athletic and competitive careers.

This native takes into account his ambitions and responsibilities so seriously that when he dares to adventure himself on the emotional side, he feels as if he is going to drown in quick sands. It is probable that he finds difficult to render attractive the austerity that caracterises him.

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He should register to a school of clowns! This native has the gift to foresee in the future and to take advantage of the situation to distance himself from all his opponents. On the emotional side he is very independent and libertarian. He prefers to reach as quickly his objectives thanks to the numerous gifts he owns.

This native would be very much inspired to exploit his huge creativity but in a disciplined and realistic manner. The malleability of Pisces accentuates the naivety of the Horse. He may suffer from an excess of gullibility and a lack of lucidity. Conflicting points of view exist within this native. He should better choose Arts to calm his aggressive nature, in this field he will shine.

He would in this way protest pacifically against injustices. Taurus are very much alike. This native should try to stop eating the roses along the path and find a stimulating partner. His sensibility is very developed and his creative soul may allow him to success in an artistic career. This native should spend most of his life trying to resist to the swirl of idiosyncrasies which he carries within him. His tastes for metamorphosis is entertaining, he should be advised to choose a partner who will appreciate this eccentric streak of his personality.

Without a gay and exuberant exterior influence, this native could become withdrawn. He would be an affectionate parent, loving husband or wife and charming friend. His sense of altruism is also very developed.

Ox Love Compatibility

The influence of Leo on the Goat is very beneficial. It's the only Goat which will not need of an exterior support to survive in this merciless world. The Lion boosts the Goat with energy and the latter calms the formers' aggressiveness. Perhaps this native could be a brilliant lawyer. Both of these signs are naive when confronted to treachery. This native will need the advices of a shrewd Monkey to avoid many traps.

He should be well advised to avoid the business world. He should put into service his natural kindness towards others. This native is delicate and aristocratic. Searching for a comfortable home base, he should benefit from a lucky star because he is not the type to sacrifice himself for a task. Credit his bank accounts and he won't deceive you. This time it's the underground strength of the Scorpio which makes more dynamic and strengthens our fragile Goat against the wounds of life. Do not let this native down, he will shatter you. This native should by his idealistic nature launch himself in several adventures.

Do not stop him because it would be harmful for him to be limited in his freedom of movement. Give him once in a while good advice to focus himself on his goals. The resistance of this Goat is impressive. It's a concentrate of patience and perseverance. The polarity of this alliance is very feminine. This native has also a wonderfully rich imagination and might be inclined to write sumptuous poetry. The uniqueness of Aquarius meets that of the Goat. We are dealing with a type of Goat free from all sorts of complexes.

This native should bloom in artistic fields or in the humanitarian spheres. That's how Pisces are. It would be better that this native goes hunting as soon as possible for a strong shoulder to rely on. For this subject, Art behind all its shapes should constitute a field of predilection for his exacerbated sensibility. Leading a thousand projects at the same time, this native takes advantage of the lucidity and the foresight of the Monkey.

His motto could be that the end justifies the means so be aware of his volubility which is dreadful.

The Western and Chinese Zodiac Sign Compatibility Chart

Taurus stabilizes the nervous Monkey and the latter raises the spirit of the Taurus often demoralized. This native should be satisfied in finance however he is a big spender especially women. Perhaps this subject is slower than other persons born in the Monkey's year. Monkeys and Gemini are so much alike that this native would need other aspects of his birth chart so that he could come back to earth. Most Popular 1. Download Apps - Zodiac. Chinese Calendar. The calm, kind, low-key and restrained male Oxen pursue the steady life and don't like to be flamboyant.

In love relationship, they warm up slowly and are not good at speaking sugared words or creating romantic surprises to delight their partners. However, they are very faithful and can bring the steadiest life to their loved ones. With a tolerant attitude towards love, they listen to their wives and think their women are always right.

Male Ox in Love. Female sheep are rich in emotion and particularly longing for good family life. They would put heart and soul into each relationship and devote affection unconditionally since they go after the marriage. The weak character, however, often makes them disillusioned. What's more, they are so persistent that they won't let it go even if they see the true features, thus finally get hurt. Female Sheep in Love. Ox is the symbol of diligence in Chinese culture. People under the sign of the Ox are usually hard working, honest, creative, ambitious, cautious, patient and handle things steadily.

On the negative side, Ox people might be stubborn, narrow-minded, indifferent, prejudiced, slow and not good at communication. Personality Traits for Male Ox. Sheep Ram or Goat represents solidarity, harmony and calmness.

Ox and Rabbit

People born in the year of the Sheep are polite, mild mannered, shy, imaginative, determined and have good taste. On the negative side, they are sometimes pessimistic, unrealistic, short-sighted and slow in behavior. Personality Traits for Female Sheep. They both have a strong sense of devotion and like to do things with high efficiency. So, they can be best friends and partners. The rat and snake People take care of the ox well, so they can get along well with each other. The people born in the year of the pig, monkey, tiger and the other ox can be harmonious with the ox although they are not very close enough.

The ox belongs to the earth in five elements and rabbit is wood.

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Because wood breaks the earth, the rabbit usually dominates the ox in career and marriage which makes the ox unhappy. In relationship with the horse, the ox usually harms the horse by nature no matter in career or love. So, the horse people like to avoid contacting with the ox initiatively. Also, they have few in common that makes them hard to get along well. They are usually helpful in a tense situation.

So, no matter where they are, the place will be full of peace.