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The scribe class will become obsolete and literacy will slowly spread. Restless human groups—Celts, Etruscans, and others—migrate across great distances, sometimes threatening the established order in the lands they enter. In what will someday be called the United Kingdom, Stonehenge is a ruin. Its ancient purpose, lost with its builders in the mists of prehistory, has been replaced by the rites of Druids, the priestly caste of the local Celts. But civilization continues through this time of turmoil and change.

In what is now Iraq and Iran, the people of Babylon have erected multi-story stone towers called ziggurats.

From the tops of these structures, a new class of priest-astronomer continues the exploration of the heavens. Unlike their Neolithic and Bronze Age forebears, they do not concentrate their efforts on the primary lights in the day and night sky—the Sun and Moon. However, the naked-eye planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn were the targets of these early astronomers. Their observations of planetary positions would lead to the later Greek models of the Solar System, or cosmogonies.

Table 1 gives the names of the naked-eye planets according to the Romans, Greeks, and Babylonians. Today, we associate Roman names with the naked-eye planets. It is significant that, in all three traditions, the naked-eye planets or wandering stars are named for major gods and goddesses in the ancient pantheons. It is likely no coincidence that the naked-eye planets are named for various classical and pre-classical gods and goddesses. In a victory for the art of marketing, the priest-astronomers convinced many influential residents of ancient city states and empires that these moving lights in the sky actually were divine.

This identification of planets with divine entities was not limited to ancient Babylon, Greece, and Rome. At about the same time in human history, similar approaches to viewing the motions of Solar System bodies were being adopted in Egypt, India, and China. The brightest of the naked-eye planets, Venus, would also become important in the religious thought of New World people including the Aztecs and Mayas of Central America.

Even though we live in a secular age, the days of the week are named for moving lights in the sky. Perhaps because of the ancient popularity of this celestial identity system, Babylonian priest-astronomers morphed into the first astrologers. If you had the resources, you could commission one of these authorities to cast your horoscope.

Your personal characteristics might have a great deal to do with planet positions in the sky on your day of birth. You could plan your daily activities using this sky guide. In the classical world, many rulers would not sign a treaty or break one without first consulting the opinion of Jupiter. A general preparing for a significant battle would be very interested in the celestial location of Mars. If you were planning a business deal or a trade arrangement, Mercury and Saturn could be consulted for advice.

And if you were a Lady of the Court interested in conducting a love affair, it certainly might help to follow the advice offered by Venus. Today astrology is, at least to most educated people, a parlor game. Jupiter, Ancient Roman sky deity, and his relative Thetis public domain. Long before the dawn of electricity, these civilized and literate people tried to make sense of the night sky literally filled with stars.

They were a long way from understanding these distant lights that appeared and vanished in accord with diurnal and seasonal cycles. Perhaps to become more comfortable with this celestial immensity, they filled the sky with heroes, gods, and demons. In some cases, divine and mortal consciousness was identified with stellar hosts. Consider the constellation Gemini, for example.

The two brightest stars in this zodiacal constellation are Castor and Pollux. Perhaps these stars are of similar visual brightness and are near neighbors only 4. They were identified as the Great Twins by the Sumerians. To the Classical Greeks and Romans, these stars were the twin children of Zeus the ruler of the Olympian gods and Leda, a married mortal woman seduced by Zeus while disguised as a swan.

Both boys hatched from the same egg and became heroes, joining with Jason on the quest for the Golden Fleece. Unlike his immortal twin, Castor was mortal. After Castor was killed in a fight, his brother beseeched Zeus to bring him back to life. Ultimately, these two now-immortal twins were transferred to the sky as Alpha and Beta Gemini, the two brightest stars in that constellation.

Other ancient people also viewed these stars as conscious entities. Although Arabian astronomers also called them The Twins, some medieval Arabian sky maps picture them as a pair of peacocks. In ancient India they were identified as The Horsemen. Although no longer considered to be inhabited by divine mortals, Castor and Pollux are fascinating astronomical objects.

He is the ruler of all the planets. The chart cast for Washington, DC has the eclipse falling across the 2ndand 8th house axis, invoking money, values, finances, money from other people, sex, death and taxes. He is not able to eat and swallow the food. Of course the realms of health and wellness, illness and disease are no exception.

It is the point of the ecliptic by sign and degree that was ascending or rising over the Eastern horizon at the time of your birth. Astrology can be used to confirm the disease and possible method of medications can also be suggested through the analysis of Natal and Horary charts. By learning more about the zodiac signs aka astrological signs,it is a great way to become more knowing of yourself, therefore, it will lead to understanding those around you as well.

You learn what the zodiac signs, the planets, and the other ingredients of the horoscope reveal about many health issues and different types of illnesses. The various body organs governed by the Moon are face, glands, tonsils, breasts, stomach, lymphatic system, lungs, chest, left eye in the case of males and ovaries, menstrual cycle, uterus, generative organs and right eye in the case of females.

For some authors, 4th house represents the mother instead of the father. Pitr Dosh is the Karmic Debt of the forefathers, which, the descendants are required to pay back and clear. Libra Father Characteristics and Personality Traits. Not only are June 23 people good at the social and. It describes in what way you are going to be useful to the society. Leo daily horoscope - check on horoscope. Career Transit Report. You might even want to consider changing your career to something that makes. The horoscope visually expresses the set of relationships for the time and place of the chosen event.

You may involve in philanthropic activities.

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Horoscope Today, July 31, Check out your daily astrology prediction for. You're simply following the cycle. There is a high possibility that you might not be invited to it by mistake. There is an aspect grid on the Astrodienst chart in the lower left hand part of the page. Destruction to health caused by supernatural power of planetary combinations can be rectified by various astrological remedies.

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In fact, the father of medicine, Hippocrates, is believed to have said: "He who does not understand Astrology is not a doctor, but a fool. All ancient and modern acharyas are unanimous in the opinion that Mars gives best result in the 10th house.

Billions of Stars

In the nadi system, signs , degrees, minutes and seconds of planets positions are extremely important for. Astrology is a divination using the universe and the calendar and at times the location to predict what is ahead in the future. To know your Moon sign, read the description below, you will find a link to Moon Sign calculator there. Health of your father might be the reason of your anxiety, indicates horoscope for Capricorn star sign.


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The Astrology Chart is a degree wheel that is split into 12 sections of 30 degrees each. To mark the th anniversary of the birth of Mahatma Gandhi on October 2, Emirates Post has issued a commemorative stamp to honour the life and times of India's most influential leader. Find free daily, weekly, monthly and horoscopes at Horoscope.

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Taurus Health Horoscope. This transit might bring health issues to those belonging to the sign Leo. As per Mundane or State or Political Astrology, ascendant or first house signifies the people in the country and general state of the country. Other astrologers have said as much which I will mention later. His father was a scholar of the Torah, and he began studying Judaism and learning Hebrew at age three.

A person's mental state is the result of their entire birth chart, and the state of the Sun at birth can influence mental health… but so can other placements. Seventh house is your wife and next 10th place from your wife is of her father because from ascendant the tenth house is analyzed for your father. The hottest astrology topics from LifeScript. In medical astrology, each Zodiac sign has its meanings and consequences regarding your health - both strengths and weaknesses.

A word of caution; take care of those people whom you hold close to your heart because in your sentiments for them you might not notice their bad qualities or forgive their mistakes. However, everyone is familiar with horoscope composed according to the zodiacal sign he was born under. Lucky Jupiter and Jupiter Signs.

Tibetan Astrology. Astrology has no fool-proof technique for predicting death. If you have persistent headache, consult doctor and go for proper health checkups. Suggestions here are purely based on my research in the field of Para science, astrology, financial markets and wellness. The self-adjustment we undergo here determines our ability to relate to others on an equal footing seventh house , and, by its success or failure, unites us with or separates us from others.

Very much like the Cancer mother, the Cancer father's world is also built entirely around his family. The houses symbolize respectively: life, personal property, consanguinity, riches, children and jewels, health, marriage and course of life, manner of death and inheritance, intellect and disposition also long journeys , position in life and dignities, friends and success, enemies and misfortune. This year forecast is based on Moon sign or janma rashi not Sun sign or western Astrology based.

These astrologers consider the lagna or the ascendant as representing the person of the native. Over all, the whole year seems to be good for your health except some time of the beginning of the year. When it comes to the physical plane we are all affected by the placement of Venus in our chart for the expression of beauty in our lives. Virgo Finance and Wealth Horoscope Possibility of expenditure on health Sun the lord of the 12th house of expenditure will get exalted in the 8th house from 14th April to 15th May which gives prospects of sudden expenditure related to foreign trips or recreational time at tourist places.

This horoscope is based on Vedic astrology. Remember, Astrology cannot cure the disease but can be sometimes helpful in finding the nature of the disease as well as possible medication methods, that will be helpful to Jataka's. The health of your father might also decline during this period as health issues related to blood are quite possible during this period. If we can learn how to balance our mind we can escape from many health problem.

Judicial astrology also took into consideration the position of the sun in the zodiac at the moment of birth; the signs of the zodiac also had a special astrological significance in respect to the weal and woe of the newborn, particularly his health. Find out what to do so as to get a happy and blissful love life: Love Horoscope Report. But, you should do everything properly so that you can get profit of them. The problem with cookbook astrology is that there are anomalies where the whole chart needs to be considered, especially when you consider traditional methods.

The Moon signifying the role of a mother is astrologically said to be as the queen of the planets. They strive to win in everything they do. A religious event in your family is likely near August Get your Free Cancer Horoscope for this week.

Start your month on a positive note with online monthly cancer health horoscope. Physiognomy refers to reading the faces of people to understand their charater and destiny. To quote Hippocrates: "The body of man has in itself blood, phlegm, yellow bile, and black bile; these make up the nature of the body, and through these he feels pain or enjoys health.

Cancer horoscope predicts that this year is all about improving yourself, your surroundings, and your path to the future. The patterns of the planets, Sun and Moon are unique and notable for a developing child, since in childhood these pictures are seen in a different light. Economy of father remains vibrant in May and June.

According the Aries Horoscope , you will give some time for your health.

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The latest Tweets from Astrology Zone astrologyzone. Even Abdur-Rahim-Khaan-a-khaana, who was one of the important Ministers of the Mughal Emperor Akbar has laid down that success would touch the feet of the person with Mars in the 10th house. The Zodiac and Your Health. Nursery rhymes have been written about the stars. Birds navigate by the stars. Throughout the ages, travelers on both land and sea used the stars to guide their travels. Ancient Egyptians used the stars to mark the Nile's annual flood.

The Earth is a but a minor planet of an average star. The Earth's Sun is one of almost billion stars in the Milky Way Galaxy, and it's estimated there are billion galaxies. However, there are only about 5, stars visible to the naked human eye, and of those, there are only about used in astrology. The ancients called the five visible planets that orbit the Earth "wandering stars" because they traveled through the night sky and interacted with each other. The other stars were called fixed because their location and relationships to one another were predictable.

The ancients believed these stars were attached to a celestial sphere that twirled around the Earth each day. The fixed stars are fixed to the constellations, but they are not fixed in the astrological zodiac. The precession of the equinoxes results in the slow movement of the constellations and their fixed stars due to spinning of the Earth on its axis.

This causes the zodiacal position of the "fixed" stars to move approximately one degree every 72 years. Some astrologers use many fixed stars, others use few or none. Those who use the stars consider them particularly important when on the Ascendant or Angles of a birth chart, or near the Sun or Moon.

They also have an effect when the natal placement on their specific degrees of the zodiac are activated by secondary progression or a significant transit. If there's a fixed star in your natal chart and it's within a one or two-degree conjunction to one of your personal placements, it will have an impact.

But the allowed orb and the aspects the stars make are a matter of debate among astrologers. While there are numerous stars, some are more commonly used than others.