November 2 birthday leo horoscope

Sun enters Scorpio

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Although they are very slow and distant from us by dozens or hundreds of light-years, these stars can make a person very significant and different. Scorpios who are born on November 2 are inclined to be impatient and anxious, and this is something that all of those who are around them. But these people have one trait that is amazing — they can notice their mistakes and ignore others who tell them that everything is going to be ok. These people love harmony and order around them in every sense.

What are the Scorpio dates of birth?

These persons are very spontaneous and often say what they think — these people are seen as human beings who are very direct and who speak their minds. Scorpios who belong to the second day of November often experience major crossroads around the age of twenty-eight, forty-four, or fifty-six when they have drastically redirected the course of their lives — they can go in the better direction or can fall even more into the black hole. If they succeed in causing significant internal changes, they become aware of their own needs, and if, therefore, they become even more determined in achieving their goals, people born this day have the chances of success.

November 2 Birthday Horoscope

Yes, these people, these Scorpios no matter how they can be harmful and who can experience a lot of pain, even in early age, they have big chance to change their lives forever, for better. It is said by those who look into the lives of these people who celebrate their birthdays on the second day of November, is that is very important for them to develop awareness of their transformation powers, and direct themselves in the moral direction.

They have all that takes for greatness and success, but they can be their worst enemies, in times when they head their energy into the controversial path.

Scorpio Dates, Scorpio Zodiac Dates | Zodiac Sign Astrology

These people are not saints, they can make serious mistakes in their lives, but they are generally appreciated for their sincerity; again, they can sometimes be the target of a mockery of their naive and straightforward way of presenting things. This is not always a good solution and idea, and it can be a slippery filed for interpersonal communications.

In this respect, when we are talking about their need to risk and to make some seriously controversial moves, we must say that these people must always think about their families and that they must have significant responsibility for their family and friends. For example, more sensitive people can be strongly influenced by opinions, attitudes, actions, and even unspecified wishes of people born this day. When we are examining interpersonal and love relations of the people who belong to the b November 2, we must admit that they are those who make changes in their environment, and they are those who are able to transform others.

And they find lovers who want to be changed, so these Scorpios are usually left to some transformation in a love connection. The changes that they cause can be in both them and in their surroundings. Those representatives of this date who are more developed people are aware of their environmental impact, but others, less developed individuals, are usually left to the mercy of the faceless forces acting through them.

Regarding their careers, those who belong to this date love art, so they could become successful artists and painters; in fact, the art life completely fits these Scorpios.

Nov 2 birthday horoscope

Like all people who belong to this Zodiac sign, those who are born on November 2 are very interested in hidden things and are continually plunging into mysteries. Many people will think that money and power are the most important to them and that they are exclusively oriented towards good social status and power. These people born on November 2 genuinely think that they deserve all the best, but are not insensible. Lovers born on November 2nd are easily bothered.

You are very emotionally sensitive.

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In many cases, you love manipulating people emotionally. Unfortunately, considering how random people can be, this can lead to self-destructive results, and maybe you cannot live with yourself if somebody takes your suggestion to its most extreme form.

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Those with a birthday on November 2 are best suited for small businesses. Small businesses, unlike large businesses, tend to reward a lot of direct input and are more tolerant of emotional manipulation. Large businesses or corporate structures tend to have built-in mechanisms that weed out manipulation.

November 2 - Birthday Horoscope Personality

But in small business partnerships or small corporations, you often find yourself at the top of the heap because the business is small enough for you to have a lot of control. It happens quite a bit. You are driven, dynamic, secretive, and often irrational. You tend to go off on the deep end as far as certain topics are concerned. It seems that regardless of how seemingly rational you can be, certain topics just throw you off.

Part of this is due to the fact that you have taken certain things on a ridiculously emotional level. This is a very powerful trade of yours and this often makes you the glue of any type of organization as far as actual competence goes. People think highly of you because of your ability to coordinate them from behind the scenes. Beware of payback. You have to be aware that this always a possibility. In fact, in most cases, you would not find this surprising at all.

After all, you can only push for so long until there is an eventual push back.

November 2 Zodiac

Still, some Scorpios born on November 2 become so full of themselves and so impressed by their capabilities that this catches them by surprise. Water is the primary element of all Scorpios. This element influences your tendency to emotionally manipulate people. You provide that hidden glue. Now, of course, this has its limits. Know those limits and you should be fine. Pluto plays a powerful role in how you think. It also has an impact on the emotional space you inhabit. While Pluto can be quite quick, it is also quite cold and distant. On the surface, people might find you warm and approachable, but there is a part of you that is dark, distant and cold.

Instead of running away from this or apologizing for it, embrace it.

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Use it as a source of strength. You have tremendous power and ability to coordinate with people.