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♒ Aquarius September 2019 Astrology Horoscope by Nadiya Shah

Aquarius Illustrated PopSocket. Pisces Astrology Galaxy PopSocket. Pisces Illustrated PopSocket. Capricorn Illustrated PopSocket. Capricon Astrology Galaxy PopSocket. The AstroTwins Dubbed "astrologists for the stars," identical twin sisters Tali and Ophira Edut—known as The AstroTwins—are professional astrologers whose sisterly style and spot-on predictions have made them popular gurus for astrological devotees of all stripes. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From Monthly Horoscopes Pisces Monthly Horoscope. Aquarius Monthly Horoscope. Capricorn Monthly Horoscope. Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope.

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope. You may feel dreamier than your precise norm after the 10 th when your ruler, Mercury, enters expansive Pisces, opposite your home sign.


Horoscope - Daily and Weekly Horoscopes for by Oscar Cainer | HELLO!

Use that connection for creative or spiritual endeavors and be careful not to over-imbibe. Work to make your deep dreams and words into a reality, but ensure that attention is given to the structure your initiatives take. Salutations, justice-loving Libra! Your ruler, Venus, moves into Capricorn at the start of the month. There, we can only hope it will bring some levity and joy to Saturn and Pluto, and what may be your home, ancestral lineage, or family life. Also in the beginning of February, we open the month with a new moon in Aquarius highlighting your creative work, writing, and communications.

Nice to greet you, Scorpio the mysterious! Your ruler, Mars, will be entering the sign opposite of yours, Taurus, on February 14 th.

However, right before then influences from surprising Uranus may move things in a previously unanticipated direction. Is there something going on between you and a colleague?

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  8. A partner? If you can be patient and make peace with the more relaxed pace, it will probably be best for all parties involved. Hola, encouraging Sagittarius! Play to your strengths and stay optimistic, but make sure to break up your ideas into smaller, actionable steps and continue to move forward on them. The beginning of February may bring out-of-nowhere attention and drive to your creative work or hobbies, and there could be increased communications about your career as the month continues. Take care of yourself, strong Capricorn! The energies in your sign have been deep and intense.

    There will be eclipses in Capricorn through the end of the year as well as the presence of Saturn, Pluto, and the south node of the moon, which is sure to bring about disruptions and developments. Luckily, sweet Venus will come tour through your sign starting on February 4 th , so hopefully that will add some harmony to the more serious aspects to life.

    Libra Monthly Horoscope

    The next year will undoubtedly bring some transformation to your life, which will have lasting consequences. Focus on getting clear on what you want to last and withstand through time. Not all transformation needs to be hard or scary. Quite literally, that is. The sun makes its annual trip through your sign starting in January until February 19 th. The potential for powerful alliances working behind the scenes looks likely this month.

    Oh hello, Pisces, you dreamer you. On February 18 th Mercury will mix with Neptune, which may create blurry lines when it comes to communication. Focus on divine inspiration through writing and partnerships or just relax into the brain fog that the transit will bring. Later that week, on the 22 nd , your ruler, Jupiter, will be tense with Mercury, which could bring up an issue in a public or career-related endeavor. Jupiter expands what it touches though, so the results could even be about having too much of a good thing. What comes up during this period is likely to return in March, so bookmark the events that take place for later reference.

    Note: these horoscopes are intended as words of stimulation and suggestion, not as cardinal rule or unbiased fact. By engaging with this page, you agree that all choices made based on the information provided in this column are your responsibility alone. Take a breath and be well! Laura Paul is a writer living in Los Angeles. As an astrological practitioner, she delights in deciphering the symbolic world in a way that is both accessible and valuable to others.

    You can find out more at lauranpaul. All Introspection. Here, you can feel your will turn to steel. Here, nobody can move you from the path you know to be true. This is a week for thinking about what makes you feel most solid. Is it another person, a city, a song? Is it something you can hold, something you can wear, something you can feel against your skin? You can sometimes feel like pure energy itself, but this week, remember that you have a body, too, and let your body reorient itself to the pleasures of the world.

    In the middle of this much uncertainty, it can feel important to question what seems to come naturally, and to control your energies tightly. This week, though, try giving your instincts some more credit. Try trusting what your body already knows. You already know how to build and how to learn, but real change can feel scarier than that. Sometimes it looks, at first, like a step backward. Sometimes, the pain of leaving an older self behind makes it seem preferable not to grow at all.

    Most of the time you know, with a solid quiet clarity, who you are.